Lighthouses and best practices

WP7 Best practices and lighthouse projects

This work package targets wide-spread implementation of water/energy saving solutions in each of the four food sectors. Best practice solutions applied by only the “best in class” will be identified and further documented as business cases. Subsequently, best practice solutions will be promoted and implemented widely in the individual food sector branches.

Further to that, new water reuse concepts and technical solutions based on mature technologies and documented as solid business cases will be identified – solutions that raise the bar of the “best in class” when it comes to water/energy efficiency. Large scale or full-scale solutions will be implemented and operated long term in lighthouse projects at the end users’ premises with their deep involvement. Full-scale solutions will be implemented only, if defined project success criteria are met (requires end-user commitment).

Objectives for WP7

  • To reduce water consumption by 15-30% in 20-25 target sector industries through sector wide implementation of best practice solutions and new water reuse solutions and concepts demonstrated in lighthouse projects.


Dominik Dominiak

Senior Water Treatment Specialist, Grundfos