Monitoring and control

WP6 Monitoring and control systems (sensors, HACCP and quality assurance)

Documentation of performance of the water treatment methods and a holistic evaluation of health hazards or spoilage potential associated with use of treated water is a pre-requisite for reusing water in production, incl. water for cleaning purposes. Based on thorough understanding of the microbiological challenges during water treatment and storage, in food and beverage processing lines, and in the final product, high-frequency monitoring methods to monitor the post treatment quality of the water will be developed and/or adapted. This also includes water quality in terms of e.g. substrate for microorganisms which may give microbial growth during storage, consequently affecting the stability of the water. Treatment efficiency will be assessed according to process water type, treatment method(s), relevant hazards or spoiling agents, and final use.

The ambition is to substitute infrequent lab-site analyses with on-site quality assurance, enabling rapid and safe “go/no go” decisions. This will be achieved by development and implementation of on-line sensors and by spectroscopy and multivariate analysis, and applying HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) for reuse of water.

Objectives for WP6

  • To provide safety assurance tools to enable safe reuse of water in the food industry.

WP6 leader

Professor Hans Jørgen Albrechtsen

Technical University of Denmark