Opportunities and scenarios


WP2 Mapping and system analyses

For each participating end-user, a detailed analysis of the existing water, energy and resource flows within the production facilities will be analysed and documented in detail. Existing measures for water savings and reuse will be documented and a catalogue of new possibilities for water minimisation will be developed and prioritised. Scenarios with the highest priority will be further analysed with respect to economy and return-of-investment and sustainability indicators. Where scenarios are found to require additional R&D and/or pilot-testing these requirements are identified and provides as inputs to subsequent Work Packages.

Additionally, a methodology for a quick water efficiency assessment will be developed and applied in WP7 at 20-25 different industries within the four food sectors involved. Focus will be on identification of gaps and implementation of solutions towards best practice of water efficiency.

Objectives for WP 2

  • For the four involved food sectors – to establish an overview comprising water and energy flows, and resources consumption including raw materials and auxiliary chemicals/ingredients – and to identify and evaluate new scenarios – to be tested – for improved water efficiency as well as savings in other resources.


Martin Andersen

Business Development manager, DHI