In late January, 2017 a market visit to US within water efficient food production is taking place in cooperation with the Danish Trade Council and the Danish Agriculture and Food Council.

The US food industry is facing a number of challenges when it comes to water supply and waste water. The purpose of the trip is to strengthen the presence of Danish companies in the US market. The delegation will among other things visit the Arla Foods Hollandtown Dairy and have meetings and presentations with Ecolab, GE Water and JBS – one of the world’s largest food companies.

Environmental Manager Anette Christiansen from the Danish Agriculture and Food Council will participate in the market visit along with a number of Danish companies:

“We are taking part in the visit to the US because we experience a growing interest in learning from the Danish way of working with ressource efficient food production. Despite the high costs in Denmark, we have a large and efficient food industry. We are so to speak producing more with less. The main reasons for this are the facts that that the sector has focused on ressource efficiency for many years, and we have some Danish strongholds within water technologies. At the same time we have a close and dedicated cooperation with the Danish authorities. I’m looking very much forward to present and discuss the Danish approach during the market visit.”


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