Let’s just say it like it is…

Water as a resource is something we have borrowed. We owe to future generations to pass it on, so they can pass it on…
– Nothing else makes sense.

Our goal is to develop new sustainable water and production technology solutions that can reduce water consumption in industrial food production by 15-30%.

DRIP – Danish partnership for Resource and water efficient Industrial food Production – is a public/private partnership focused on water efficiency in the food industry, one of the largest water-consuming industries in Denmark and globally.

The partnership’s ambition is to produce more with less water. DRIP will reduce water consumption in leading Danish food producers by developing new sustainable water and production technology solutions and concepts. The ambition is to use significantly less water of drinking water quality and increasingly use recycled water without compromising product quality and food safety. The developed technologies and solutions will be tested in pilot or full-scale under production conditions. The goal is a reduction in water consumption of 15 – 30 %.

Once the technologies are developed, the ambition is to create new export successes for the Danish technology and knowledge providers in the water area while at the same time the competitiveness of the food producers should be improved.

The partnership consists of a number of food companies and technology providers, three universities and two GTS institutes (research and technology organization). The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Environmental Protection Agency and Nature Agency are associated partners. The partnership was launched March 1, 2015 under the INNO+ societal partnership framework with an investment of DKK 50m from Innovation Fund Denmark and DKK 48m from the partners.



By 2025 the most competitive water consuming industries are those that apply a “water-fit-for-purpose” concept and are heading towards highly efficient use of water, e.g. closed loop solutions, supported by front-runner technology providers with the required level of food quality and safety and in accordance with environmental regulations.

Danish solutions attract Chinese interest

On May 15-18 a Chinese delegation of business people visited Denmark to get a deeper understanding of the Danish strongholds within Water technologies and to scout for concrete collaboration opportunities. From DRIP Tine Jørgensen (Aquaporin) and Haris Kadrispahic...

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Market visit to USA

In late January, 2017 a market visit to US within water efficient food production is taking place in cooperation with the Danish Trade Council and the Danish Agriculture and Food Council. The US food industry is facing a number of challenges when it comes to water...

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DRIP gathers Danish strongholds in a focused partnership with four work packages.



DRIP works for new and attractive solutions that reduce water consumption



DRIP gathers Danish strongholds in industrial food production and water technology



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